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Behind the scenes. On the stage. Face to face. Corporate Live’s team mission is to serve you and your vision. You want quality service? From delivering equipment to answering your phone call, our team seeks to make sure the smallest detail of your experience is handled perfectly. With our extensive inventory and a lifetime of experience, our event designers, managers and technicians will provide you committed service with the highest technical knowledge.

Paul WinklerPresident/Co-FounderRead Bio
Dave WinklerService & Facilities ManagerRead Bio
Matt SimmsCo-Founder/CFORead Bio
Steve DumontDirector of Business Development & Live EventsRead Bio
Kurt OgrodzinskiDirector of Sales and MarketingRead Bio
Frank DuronOperations ManagerRead Bio
Eliot HowertonAudio Engineer/Project ManagerRead Bio
Michael KossLighting Engineer/Project ManagerRead Bio
Katie MiddletonAdministrative AssistantRead Bio
Jon WinklerWarehouse TechnicianRead Bio

Paul Winkler, Corporate Sound’s President, has been active in corporate and concert productions since 1975, with family ties to the live event industry. His father, a great musician, started him in the business many years ago. After touring with national bands across the country and world, Paul now serves as Corporate Sound's president. He stays involved in all levels of the company, including operations, sales, and leading in the creation, implementation, and management of events. When asked what keeps him in the industry, he's humble: "I've always been around music, and after I got the chance to open my own sound company, I never looked back. By listening to our clients, we have evolved into a full audio-visual production company. It's all about providing the best event experience possible and making our employees feel like a family." (Photo by Plaunt Photography)

Dave Winkler, brother to Paul, has worked with Corporate Sound for over sixteen years, having joined the company shortly after it launched. A musician at heart, Dave has the equipment knowledge to assist customers with box sales that will best meet the needs of their projects. He is our go-to guy for many behind the scenes processes. He ensures that our trucks are in excellent working order, our facilities support our growing needs, and equipment deliveries are timely. He is a trusted professional who works hard to ensure the flawless execution of events for our clients. (Photo by Plaunt Photography)

Matt was an original co-founding member of Corporate Live and has a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Ferris State University. He was president of the company from its beginning in 1996 to 2004. He then founded an engineering design firm, Simms Electronics, which develops products in many industries, including the audio-visual industry. He continues to bring his business experience, love of live music, and technological expertise to his role as business adviser to Corporate Live. (Photo by Plaunt Photography)

After obtaining his BA, Steve taught middle and high school percussion for six years before joining Corporate Sound. He has now been with the company for more than sixteen years. Steve works with Corporate Live’s clients to ensure all details of their events are designed, planned and executed beyond satisfaction. Steve can be found behind the scenes orchestrating events, checking the sound, video, and lighting quality, and working to pull off each event beautifully. (Photo by Plaunt Photography)

Kurt joined the Corporate Live team in late 2017, after a 27-year career in sales and marketing with a Fortune 500 company. Primarily involved with the day-to-day customer service and business side of Corporate Live, he also brings decades of personal experience in the live events and entertainment industry. As a lifelong musician, Kurt has performed with a variety of jazz, rock, and blues bands at festivals, clubs, halls, and auditoriums across the country. His unique perspective of the industry allows him to understand firsthand what customers need and expect at their events.

Frank has a BA in music composition/Education and an MA in music education, both of which allowed him to creatively, musically and intuitively understand live production. Having overseen countless live events, Frank has worked as an audio engineer with Corporate Live since the company's beginning. Now Frank coordinates audio, video and lighting for small and large productions alike, conceptualizing the "logistics picture" for each of Corporate Live’s clients. Frank also leads OSHA compliance, Truck Driver Safety, and our Marketing initiatives. He methodically ensures that our warehouse operations run smoothly and safely. (Photo by Plaunt Photography)

After earning his BA in Music and Recording, Eliot began mixing sound in various clubs while working in music retail in the Philadelphia area. Moving back to his hometown of Grand Rapids, he refined his audio knowledge and skills at notable local venue The Intersection and through freelancing for several production companies, including Corporate Live. He also plays guitar and finds time for creative recording projects when he is not working. Eliot became a full-time Audio Engineer and Project Manager in May 2019, diving headfirst into new technical challenges and employing his friendly communication skills to ensure the flawless execution of his clients’ events.

Michael got his start in event lighting when he began running light shows for bands in various music venues across the state of Michigan. With a newfound passion for lighting design, he moved from his home in Ann Arbor to Grand Rapids, where he began working as a lighting designer at the local music venue 20 Monroe Live. Through freelance work with several A/V companies, including Corporate Live, he has tackled new challenges that have allowed him to refine his technical skills in lighting and live events. Michael became a full-time Lighting Engineer and Project Manager at Corporate Live in October 2019, where he now enjoys combining creative and technical elements that help bring visions to life.

Katie came to Corporate Live initially as an intern with a BA degree and background heavy in the arts: film, literature, choir, and in local theatres with roles as actor, A/V tech, AD, and ASM. She is now a full time, integral player at Corporate Live, your first contact, your connection to each person on our team. The company relies on Katie to tend to everything non-tech related like AR, AP, HR, taxes, benefits administration, website and social media updates. (Photo by Plaunt Photography)

Starting in short shifts at the beginning of 2014, Jon was introduced to the team at CLI as somebody to take up maintenance projects. Gear touch-ups, organizing, labeling, etc. until starting full time to make the prep aspect of shows run more smoothly for all the engineers. With encouragement from the team, he has worked up to the main prep for all shows, making sure our clients get exactly what they want and need. (Photo by Plaunt Photography)