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Live Event Design and Production

Your next live event is going to be amazing. You’re going to look and sound great. And you’ll love being a part of how it all comes together.


We’re Corporate Live. We’re here to help you with event design and the delivery of your next live event. Winning over your audience is our main goal.

Let's Design A Live Event


You have an exciting idea for a live event. Let’s work together to execute your vision. Corporate Live will help you line up the production equipment, people, and management needed to win over your audience.

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You have a compelling message. Your audience needs to see, hear, and feel moved by it. Got a crowd of 100,000? Corporate Live can handle it. An intimate address? We’ve got your event design covered, back to front.


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Win over your audience. When everyone is leaning forward, dancing in the aisles, or riveted to the on-stage action — you nailed it. Corporate Live will help you deliver a memorable experience to your entire audience.

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