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There’s nothing like great live events. They can bring on an emotional rush that can create life-long memories. You know the feeling. It says, “I was actually there! And I felt truly alive.”


When it comes to designing live events, we must talk about the creative process. It starts with you. You have an idea for an event. Bring your idea to Corporate Live, and we’ll collaborate with you. We’ll show you both the constraints and the possibilities.


Together, we’ll devise a plan and a budget. We’ll help you lay out the process, equipment, and staffing needed to deliver a compelling live experience. And don’t be surprised if your live event far exceeds your original expectations.



Clear communication can make the live event design process less stressful and more enjoyable. As a client, you’re our first audience. We’ll communicate with you in a way that inspires confidence and trust.

But we don’t stop there. Ultimately, our objective is to help you communicate to your audience. Together, we’ll design a plan to deliver the compelling message your audience will appreciate.  Corporate Live provides the crystal-clear audio, sharp video, and advanced lighting that will elicit a positive audience response.

Make a memorable impression without micromanaging all the technical details. Put your live events into the hands of the experienced communication professionals at Corporate Live.


Photo by Plaunt Photography
Photo by Andrew Roggenbuck

You have a message. You have a story. But how do you captivate a sophisticated modern audience?

You’re dealing with a tough crowd. Your audience isn’t easily moved or persuaded. And they demand nothing less than excellence. What can you do to not only earn their attention, but to win over their hearts and minds?

People crave connection. You can stand out by providing your audience with a custom experience, designed just for them. Live events speak to our human need to be present and to connect with each other in a specific way. Nothing invokes passion and emotion like a superior live event experience.

Blast beyond audience expectations. Let’s work together to design a custom live event that will move the toughest crowd to action.

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