Our Gear


Your audience expects superior sound quality. Our audio engineers and staff take pride in delivering a perfectly balanced and tuned system. We use production equipment that clients, artists, and producers often request and trust.  We can create distributive systems using small format speakers as well as flown line arrays.   Our varied stock of production equipment allows us to customize your audio to any setting.  Corporate Live has traditional and wireless microphones, digital consoles, amplifiers and more.  We have developed countless time tested, in-house techniques that will set your show apart from others.


Integrate video into your event with our extensive multimedia tools. We provide multiple camera setups with an experienced staff to switch your live video in real time.  We have computers, monitors, projectors and screens—each able to deliver HD quality images to your audience.  With elaborate HD switching, cameras, and a collection of video processing and conversion tools, our video production equipment is ready to magnify your image.


Add impact to your live event with intelligent lighting technology. We provide you with moving lights, LED color washes, traditional and specialty fixtures, and spot lights.  Give your next event unmatched illumination.  Equipped with powerful lighting consoles our lighting engineers can orchestrate every cue into a ballet of color, light, and space, with an “anything is possible philosophy.”


We maintain several types of truss and motors to handle the largest and most complex rigging needs. We meticulously keep steel, span sets, shackles and motor control ready to lift your event above the rest.  Our engineering staff is dedicated to designing rigging systems that are safe and reliable. We put safely first, always.